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Erong, Toraja Wooden Coffin

Erong is a kind of coffin that can be opened at any time according to [...]


Tongkonan is the traditional ancestral house, or rumah adat of the Torajan people, in South [...]

Various Kinds of Sekomandi Motifs

Currently, there are around 15 (fifteen) original motifs of Sekomandi’ Weaving which are still being [...]

Toraja textiles for use in funeral rites

The best known, and the most visually striking, Sulawesi ikat textiles are those made by [...]

Cirebon Cargo of Yue Ceramics Vessels

IN FEBRUARY 2003, some 100 km off Cirebon on the north Java coast, local fishermen [...]

Sekomandi Ikat (Tie) Weaving

Sekomandi’ is one of the oldest ikat weaving motifs in Indonesia, a typical woven fabric [...]

5 Unique Culture and Traditions of Tana Toraja

Every region in Indonesia has a variety of unique and interesting traditions. One of them [...]

Cultural Commoditization in Tana Toraja, Indonesia

Author: Kathleen Adams M. In 1984 the Indonesian director general of tourism declared Tana Toraja [...]

The Chairman of ‘IKAT’ is concerned, the craftsmen of traditional clothes made of bark are not preserved

Melestarikan tradisi dan budaya kini menjadi tantangan tersendiri terutama di jaman serba modern dan serba digital [...]

Wood Sculpture from Tanimbar

Located on the edge of this country, Indonesia is directly adjacent to Australia and Timor [...]