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Kandean Dulang as Identity

Kandean dulang is a traditional Toraja eating utensil. Kandean means plate, while dulang which comes [...]

Ideas to Try on Modern Tropical Bali Buildings As a tropical country, the design of buildings in Indonesia is naturally different from [...]

Erong, Toraja Wooden Coffin

Erong is a kind of coffin that can be opened at any time according to [...]


Tongkonan is the traditional ancestral house, or rumah adat of the Torajan people, in South [...]

Home Decoration Selection of 13 Venetian Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors Besides being able to help decorate themselves especially for mothers, mirrors are often [...]


Tie-dyeing, method of dyeing by hand in which coloured patterns are produced in the fabric [...]

Various Kinds of Sekomandi Motifs

Currently, there are around 15 (fifteen) original motifs of Sekomandi’ Weaving which are still being [...]

Toraja textiles for use in funeral rites

The best known, and the most visually striking, Sulawesi ikat textiles are those made by [...]

Cirebon Cargo of Yue Ceramics Vessels

IN FEBRUARY 2003, some 100 km off Cirebon on the north Java coast, local fishermen [...]

Sekomandi Ikat (Tie) Weaving

Sekomandi’ is one of the oldest ikat weaving motifs in Indonesia, a typical woven fabric [...]