Ideas to Try on Modern Tropical Bali Buildings As a tropical country, the design of buildings in Indonesia is naturally different from non-tropical countries. However, this does not stop many people from combining tropical design with modern aspects, like the modern tropical Bali concept.

Although Balinese architecture is known for its traditional architecture, you can also give it a modern touch This article will tell you some tips on incorporating modern Bali architecture into your buildings, such as resort design or Balinese houses.

If you want to implement the concept of tropical Bali in your building, pay attention to the type of materials. To give a Balinese touch, you can use natural rocks as material for your walls to create a modern tropical Bali house. Besides stone, you can use teak wood.

Also, do not forget to consider the material for the roof. Most tropical house designs use red patterned clay tiles. But of course, you can also use other materials such as concrete, asbestos, or ceramic.

Main Gate

The most important thing you will pass by when you come home is the main gate. The hallmark of a traditional Balinese house is the shape and carvings found on each gate. You can customize the entrace to your liking.


Terrace is a place where you can relax while looking at the scenery around the house. So, put wood and a table as the furniture. The material for them you can choose is teak wood, as it is sturdy.


Besides the terrace, the garden is also a critical element in a Balinese house. Plant trees and grass to give a beautiful and tropical feel. You can also build a small wooden hut with a thatched roof to relax. A swimming pool in the garden is also a good idea.

The Living Room

Now let us apply the modern tropical Bali concept to the living room. Set up the wooden sofas and tables. Reduce partitions and walls by using glass so guests can see the terrace and garden outside. Then add Balinese furnishings like wooden lamps or small plant pots.

Dining Room

In a modern tropical home, they use the open-space concept. Meaning that mostly the dining room, kitchen, living room, and family room become one. If you want to add a divider, you can install a sliding door to separate the rooms.

Family room

As a gathering place for the whole family, it is better if the room is directly next to the outdoor area. Therefore, you can set up a family room near the garden and the swimming pool, especially if many family members are at home.


Next is the kitchen. Since the kitchen is relatively risky to get dirty, choose easier-to-clean materials such as granite, marble, and ceramic for the backsplash.

Besides that, it is better if the kitchen is in a place that gets a lot of light. For Balinese decoration, you can choose lamps with Balinese carvings. In addition, put the earth-coloured shelves.


If you want to follow the traditional Balinese culture, they usually use mattresses with carved teak divans. Do not forget to keep the concept of open space with a glass door facing the garden. Add roman shade to cover the glass door easily.


Finally, you may design the bathroom with a modern tropical Bali concept. Do not forget to maximize the sunlight by using the glass above your bathroom as natural lighting

In conclusion, the essence of modern tropical Bali residence is the open space concept by maximizing the sunlight as natural lighting.

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