Wood Sculpture from Tanimbar

Wood Sculpture from Tanimbar

Located on the edge of this country, Indonesia is directly adjacent to Australia and Timor Leste, namely the Tanimbar Islands, at any time after the plane landed in Saumlaki which is on Yamden Island, the capital of West Southeast Maluku Regency which includes the Tanimbar Archipelago. And after the discussion decided to first visit the typical Tanimbar wood carving craft in Tambur Village.

It is 18 kilometers from Saumlaki and can be reached in 30 minutes by car. Entering the mouth of Tumbur Village which is in a higher position, in front of your eyes you will be treated to views of Tumbur Village with a truly enchanting sea background.

In Tumbur Village, Tanimbar wood carvers can be found in almost every house. With the basic ingredients of black wood, the carvers with high accuracy make wood carving crafts.

Most of the motifs are in the form of elders in a squatting position complete with bows and arrows, boats with soldiers, which are inspired by the conditions of the tribes in the Tanimbar Islands who in ancient times liked to fight.

At certain times such as when the government held a Sail Banda, Yamdena Island was visited by many tourists who of course also visited the village of Tumbur.

In addition to wood carvings, you can find traditional Tanimbar ikat craftsmen made with very traditional looms.

Without realizing the sun had started to set, we rushed back to the hotel. Because tomorrow we will site the Stone Boat and Stone Stairs from the megalithic era.

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